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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Follow This Blog?

Since Google removed the little button on the Blogger toolbar (that thing up the top, above all Blogger blogs), I've found myself following far fewer blogs.

Call me lazy, but it's just too much of a pain to have to copy the URL of a blog you like, go into the Dashboard, click on the "Add" button, paste the URL, choose private or public, click to confirm. Wasn't it easier when you could just click that one little button instead?

It seems this is a permanent change, as others have asked about it on Blogger's forums only to be told "it was a little used feature and we removed it". Still, no use complaining, right?

Instead, I've added a little gadget that pretty much replicates that useful button, at least for my blog. If you want to follow my blog (that is, add it to the list of blogs in your Dashboard that update with new posts), feel free to click on the new little button on the right (or here) that looks like this:

Oh, and don't worry... you can still choose to follow privately if you're shy!

Please let me know if this gives you problems, doesn't work, or tries to follow the wrong blog. Otherwise, I hope this helps and encourages you to keep a watchful eye on Banjo's BBS. After all, you never know when I might add a new post... maybe even - gasp! - twice in one month!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Art - Birched On Mistress's Orders

"Birched On Mistress's Orders"

A change of pace here, from the scholastic and rural locations of the previous artworks. Now we visit a luxurious manor house - perhaps in the past, perhaps in the present - to take a look at the life of a Mistress, her maid, and her indentured 'houseboy'.

This new piece is based on three main ideas:
1) Being a "houseboy to a wealthy, cruel woman" is a fantasy of mine.
2) I rather liked the idea of a rich spanker getting someone else to do their "dirty work" for them.
3) I love sexy maids, but obviously would rather be spanked by than spank them!

And so this artwork was born.

Yes, that's loosely "me" as the poor spankee here again. I try to resist putting myself in all my work, since it (IMO) lessens the audience's immersion when the character is clearly "not you" (it's why I love "POV" spanking videos and audios). But this time I couldn't help myself, given I was feeling particularly 'submissive' when I made it. Besides, my trademark ponytail kinda fits the slightly old-fashioned setting here (well, that's my defense!).

Anyway, the concept of the picture was that the unfortunate houseboy had done something to displease his Mistress (the raven-haired lady with the folded arms on the right). She's furious, but isn't about to work up a sweat punishing him herself... that's what having money and power means!

Instead, she has one of her maids (the red-haired cutie on the left) restrain the nervous young man across the special spanking bench she had built for just such occasions, and then orders him soundly birched until she is satisfied that he's learned his lesson. Or that she's satisfied he's suffered enough for her pleasure (there are advantages to money and power for a sadistic aristocratic lady like that).

I image the proceedings being very formal; he's ordered to carry the spanking bench into the parlor and set it up for use. He's either ordered to undress and fold his own clothes nearly while Mistress watches, glaring imperiously, or he's ordered to remain perfectly still while the maid undresses him in a very humiliating and childish fashion.

Of course, the maid enjoys all this immensely. Having this young man trembling, nude and pleading before her, combined with being given express permission by her Mistress to really thrash his bottom severely... perhaps she's got a bit of a "crush" on this particular houseboy? That might explain her smirking enthusiasm and unbridled delight as she obediently whips that stinging birch rod across his squirming bare buttocks?

Such squirming is kept to a minimum, though; Mistress knows the effect a birch can have on a young man, hence the spanking bench and the restraints. He can wriggle ever so slightly (and pleasingly, Mistress notes) but not enough to escape or make the maid's strokes miss their target; the birch bites hard with every blow!

He remains ungagged, however; Mistress wants to hear him plead and apologize, she wants to hear how contrite he is, after all (and how much that birch is hurting him!).

Perhaps this is his first time under the birch? Mistress may have administered (or had her maid administer) handspankings, slipperings and hairbrushings before, but this could be a new 'experience' for the poor young houseboy? An 'escalation' of sorts? Or a new purchase by Mistress?

Or perhaps this is actually his first day in her employment? Ignorance of the rules would be no excuse, and making a mistake on his first day would see no mercy or leniency given. Besides, it would make a good learning experience for him to know what to expect when he steps out of line in his new position.

Perhaps he didn't even do anything especially wrong? Could Mistress be so cruel as to have him birched as a "welcome" to her household? That would certainly make for a memorable introduction, and set his mind firmly on how his life had suddenly changed!

If he did do something to deserve this, what could it be? Did he answer her back? Not perform his domestic duties fast enough or to her satisfaction? Did the naughty boy stain his bedsheets thinking about his Mistress and/or her maid, or even (blush) "get caught in the act" by one of them?

Whatever the reason (or lack of it), and whatever his prior experience being punished, it's clear that the birch is making a real impression on him! It's also clear that the maid is enjoying her orders and won't show any hesitation in carrying them out (even when Mistress - to his horror - calls for "Harder!" and "His thighs, too!"). And it's clear that Mistress is not moved by his cries, and will not call an end to his birching until she alone is satisfied.

I can see Mistress occasionally calling for a pause in proceedings, so she can crouch or lean forward to look him in the eyes, to ask him if he's learning, if he's sorry, and to remind him who's the Mistress here and who's the naughty little subservient houseboy.

Though I can equally imagine her watching the whole thing coldly from a distance, arms folded, frowning and silent, just letting her maid carry out the harsh sentence without engaging the poor frantic, pleading houseboy in dialog at all until his thrashing is over.

Afterwards, will he be allowed to scurry to his room to cry and think about what has happened to him? Will he be put in the corner, on display, for the rest of the afternoon? Ordered back to his duties with time to recover from his ordeal (Mistress will want her bath prepared)?

Or will he simply be released and left naked on hands and knees to clean up the bits of twig from the birch all over the floor. If that's the case, whether Mistress will remain to supervise him, or leave the maid to do so while she retired to her chambers to "reflect" on recent proceedings herself amid the silky satin sheets of her huge soft bed, I'll leave for you to decide...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Flashback - New Teacher's First Day

"The New Teacher's First Day"

One of my "oldies" from long ago. Not one of the first pictures I made, but certainly among them. In those days, being a college student, I had more free time so was able to indulge in creating time-consuming artworks of multiple characters like this... even though my old slow computer took ages to render them!

My idea behind this piece was of a new strict teacher's first class at her new school. In my original concept it was likely an all-boys school (a rare thing for me, since it "ruins" witnessed and removes "peer" spankings), and one where female teachers were seen as a "bit of a pushover". But with this new teacher, well... they're in for a sharp shock!

When I was in high school, I had a lot of female teachers (who'd have guessed?) but I always remember one poor young lady who was new, and basically lasted three or four classes before being unable to cope with the rowdy, nasty, totally disruptive nature of a large majority of the boys in the class (not me, of course, I was a good boy!). She had absolutely zero control of the class, who would even throw pens at her and flip tables over, all without repercussion. It was the only class in my school life where things every got that out of control, and it was pretty freaky.

Anyway, even back then, I thought "that wouldn't have happened if they still allowed corporal punishment". I also occasionally daydreamed that her replacement should be a no-nonsense lady with total command and control of her students and zero tolerance for misbehavior and disrespect. Of course, in my horny adolescent daydreams, she would also be A) hot and B) a spanker, and nobody (expect perhaps my fellow students) would mind or see this as "wrong".

This artwork was born partly from this old experience and resulting "daydream". Here, we see this strict new female teacher's very first class. Perhaps because of the past reputation of this class, or perhaps for no other reason than to "set the tone" for her tenure as their new teacher, she introduces herself to the whole class by thrashing each and every one of them soundly and mercilessly!

Being a "good boy" myself, I imagined that she would be as unfair as she was strict... this "introduction" thrashing would be given to the entire class. Not just the known troublemakers, not just the students who were likely to show disrespect and "needed" to be snapped into line. Everyone. Every single student in the class would get caned in that first "introduction" session. And each and every one would get just as many strokes and as hard as the others. The good boys, the bad boys, the quiet boys, the rowdy boys; this new teacher - knowing none of them and not wishing to make distinctions or go on "past records" from their previous teachers or principal - would treat them all equally on her first day there.

For many, it would be the first experience of corporal punishment they'd ever received, but they too were treated the same as those accustomed to a parental palm, hairbrush or belt. And yes, bare bottom. This is hardest on the "shy boys" in the class, but no exceptions are made. This is to be an educational experience for them all, she ensures.

The "introduction" proceeds in an orderly manner. Shorts and underpants are taken down as each student is bent over her desk, each caning taking place with a minimum of discussion and fuss (at least, on the teacher's part!). Those already caned are lined up facing the blackboard/wall with hands on heads with their red, cane-wealed bottoms on display and their pants around knees and ankles as they whimper and sob. Those yet to be caned are made to form a nervous queue, watching in horror and mounting horror as their own turn under that fearsome, whippy cane draws near...

The new teacher intends that every one of her students know from day one that she was a force to be reckoned with. That she would brook no nonsense from any of them. That she expected academic excellence and respectful obedience. And of course, that she would cane without hesitation or mercy if given cause (or even if not!). By the time she's done caning her new class, not a single boy is left without painfully-striped buttocks and tear-streaked face... and not a single boy is in any doubt that their new teacher is the one is not to be messed with!

That day would usher in a "regime change" of dramatic proportions, with this rowdy classroom of flying paper airplanes and nobody paying attention quickly replaced by the quietest, most strictly-run class in the entire school, where nervous students feel butterflies in their tummies whenever called upon to answer a question by teacher or when raising a hand to ask something (and these are the only time they dare speak, now!). A class where homework is submitted on time without excuses accepted, and when low test scores are rewarded with "marks" of a different (and very painful) kind.

For some reason, it's the unfair equality of this scenario that stands out for me the most, as I imagine it now. I wanted to capture the shock of this unexpected day in my art piece, but also the sense of "everyone gets lined up and caned, regardless"; this isn't even a "punishment" as such, but a teacher (mis?)using her new authority to make a decisive and dramatic impression on every one of her students, good or bad!

Now I'm a little older and occasionally feeling even more "submissive" and masochistic than I did as a teenager, I wonder if this scenario would be even scarier if the class depicted had no prior record of rowdiness, but were all caned just the same by this harsh new teacher just to make sure they didn't have any ideas about causing problems for her?

(sorry for the long ramble... I guess that's what happens when you don't post for a while!)