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Friday, 2 September 2011

Art: A Very Bad Brushing

"A Very Bad Brushing"

Announcing... my first NEW picture, previously unpublished and unposted anywhere online!

This new picture was a result of my ongoing "love-hate" relationship with the dreaded wooden hairbrush as a spanking implement.

Here, I decided to depict a strict blonde "auntie" type delivering an angry evening hairbrush spanking to the young man currently living under her roof. I wanted to make it clear that she's really furious with him, and that this is definitely an "atomic level" spanking he's getting! Hopefully that comes across here.

As to why is he getting such a severe hairbrushing...? Perhaps he is a new 'guest' in her house, and on his first day has shown a less than respectful attitude to his new 'guardian'? Maybe - given their relative states of dress - he's flaunted her "curfew" and come home late... and is now paying the price! Perhaps he's done something else against her strict rules, and she's only now found out about it? Or maybe he's been staying here here a while now, but she's decided tonight is the night for an "attitude adjustment" session?

Is this his first hairbrush spanking? His first ever spanking full stop? Or just one of many in a somewhat "red-bottomed history" with his stern aunt? What do others think?

One thing's for sure, though: with him leg-locked and pinned in place like that, he's not going anywhere until she's done working off her anger on his helpless bare backside!


  1. Wow! A new Banjo after all these years! It looks like you didnt forget how to make nice and sexy fm-spanking art. I love it!

  2. There will be plenty more where that came from, Doutdes... I promise! Thanks for being the first to comment and stay tuned! :)

  3. I will be the second to comment. It's you who got me started on this whole 3D spanking art thing I've been on for the last few years. Great to see you back.


  4. Yay I love seeing your artwork!!! I believe the reason why he is getting a severe hairbrushing is because he came in after curfew and had an attitude with her and it isn't his first spanking ever, he's experienced the hairbrush once before, but nonetheless he is getting a taste of it again *giggles and glad it isn't her getting a hairbrushing *shivers*

  5. Unless she's the sort of 'auntie' who gets angry for next-to-no-good-reason-at-all, I reckon the naughty lad in this piece must have done something specific to upset her. But he sure is regretting it now... Colin

  6. Great to have you back. It doesn't matter why he is getting spanked. What matters is that she thinks he needs one and wants to give him one. - naughtybob46

  7. Peeping at the woman while she was undressing or changing clothes--I always like that as a reason for a bad-boy bare-bottom blistering from a stern spankmistress... --C.K.

  8. Banjo, do you think this young man is a 'brush boy'? Seegee told me of your liking for that particular turn of phrase.

  9. Banjo,

    Amazing post and this is one hot pic and spanking. I would just love to be over her lap being brushed!

  10. Hey Banjo - welcome back to the Blogoverse! Great piece of work - the look on her face is mesmerizing - she doesn't look the least bit mollified by his serious distress - looks like he's not even halfway through the ordeal.
    He obviously wants to block her swats, but at least has the good sense to keep his hand away from his butt - at least so far.

  11. Hiya Banjo. Just wanted to add my voice to the 'welcome back' chorus. :) It's great to see a new blog from you.

    And this latest picture - much as I liked (and still like!) your older stuff - is really a step up, I think.

    Great expressions and poses, marvellous attention to detail. I love it!

    As per your comments on my blog and by email, I think we really are kindred spirits. I'll certainly be a regular visitor here!

    Warm best wishes,

    'Undy'. ;)

  12. It's great to see new work from you. Thanks so very much.

  13. A masterwork of spanktastic awesomeness. :) Love the expressions, perfect positioning, everything.

  14. @breakmydreams
    Thanks! *blush* I think the "after curfew" scenario works well for this pic, too. As for his "hairbrush experience", thinking about it I think maybe "got it once before" is actually worse than "never been brushed". It means he knows how bad it is, yet isn't enough of a "veteran" to be used to it! Yeah, hairbrushes hurt, huh? :(

    Unfortunately for some boys, there are aunties out there who get angry for next-to-no-good-reason-at-all, though! :(

    @Naughty Bob
    And that's how it should be, right? :P Though I'm sure many boys under a firm palm or hard hairbrush would consider that "unfair"! ;)

    @Crimson Kid
    That scenario fits this picture too, given her relative state of undress. And it would explain her seething anger, too!

    @Aunty Andrea
    *blushes* I do like that phrase, Aunty Andrea. Just something about a lady like yourself sizing up a boy at a glance and deciding "I think the hairbrush would suit him best". Is it their personality or their bottoms that help you make that determination though, I'm curious! :)

    I'd agree with you about that... though we may change our minds once that brush started landing. I called this "Very Bad Brushing" for a reason! :D

    Thanks, mate! I wanted to make it clear she wasn't concerned with his "reaction" to her brushing... she's just furious with him! And I like to imagine that his hand is waving and flailing about back there, palm open and spread as if to say "Stop! Stop! Stop!" while on sme level knowing that blocking is a bad idea. Though, as you said, she's a long way from done and he may be unable to keep his hand away for much longer!

    Thanks, Undy! :) I humbly think my new stuff is a lot better, too! As I've said before, expressions and body language are biggies for me, so I'm glad that it comes across here. I agree on being kindred spirits too, mate... I adore your own art!

    @Otto and Gary
    Thanks, both of you! I'm loving being back, even if it's keeping me "busier" than I expected! LOL!

    Thanks, Dave! You're too kind, methinks, but I really appreciate the nice words and am thrilled you like my art! Never knew you were a fan!

  15. @Banjo
    Your welcome :) and glad to hear you like my scenario :) Yup he does know how bad a hairbrushing hurts and I HATE getting the hairbrush :(

  16. Nice work her hairbrush sure is getting a lengthly workout.

  17. i love your drawing. it is fantastic. i have been trying to post a welcome back to you for days know with no results. i can;t figure out why when i post i get a not allowed statement. i managed to get thru to red rumps sight by using an anonymis id anyhow i am loving the new art. thanks again' tommyspt

  18. Coming home after curfew and forgetting his key is the scenario which could account for the very angry expression on her face which you have capturd amazingly well!
    She is certainly giving him a well deserved severe whacking with the hairbrush!
    To have taken his trouser and underpants off suggests this is not the first time she has had to give him a sound whacking! She no doubt likes to take them off herself ,to add to his embarrassment and her enjoyment, at his suffering
    for waking her in the early hours!!
    Super artwork! ..Jack

  19. Imagine a boy who grew up very close to an aunt he had who was very beautiful. When he became a teenager, he went to stay with Auntie and, encouraged by how close they had always been, he confides in her his deepest secret, that what he really wants is for her to spank him! Auntie, understanding the need, puts on something very sexy, including the strappy spike heels, explains to the boy this spanking is not just for his fantasy, but also for his own good and that from now on she will spank him whenever he deserves it, lowers his pants, and then puts him over her thighs for the first of what turns out to be many spankings he would "suffer" over her lap throughout his teenage years. In fact, Auntie helps him eventually pick his wife, and teaches her how to properly spank her beloved nephew to keep him in his place throughout the rest of his life. Certainly this is a different interpretation, but it's what I saw at first when I looked at this awesome drawing. The look on her face is stern despite her affection for the boy; she wants him to feel the full weight of what he's asked her for and to convey to him this spanking isn't play; it's serious discipline! - catchcress

  20. Another explanation than that she's just furious is that she may be trying to force the boy to admit to some crime. Or get the honest answer to some question like: where did he hide the money stolen from her purse? what was he looking for in her underwear drawer?
    The boy is obviously still reluctant and she has to carry on with spanking his bare bottom. But I bet that she will succeed sooner or later.

  21. very nice indeed.. you are v.good in this kind of artwork

  22. I would love for my wife (Mommy) to give me a weekly ass blistering like this!!!

  23. I love this position and can appreciate why this boy is crying - because as a child I found myself like this a few times. It was awful.

    But then as I matured, I came to enjoy a good hairbrush spanking - like most of the people here. Thanks Banjo for allowing us to freely express our feelings.

    Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to share experiences / memories.

  24. I prefer this picture above all others as it is indicating not just a situation, but a story. The shoes scattered on the floor and the woman's anger are "telling". Very well done! You could try to do such "story-telling" in other settings, i.e. a professor punishing a spoiled student. ;-)

    1. @Anonymous
      Thanks. That's something I try hard with most of my pictures, to be honest, and why they take so damn long a lot of the time! Doing them without "backgrounds" would be far easier and faster, but I really like to "tell a story" with each one, even if the exact truth of the story is open somewhat to interpretation.

      (here, the scattered shoes/underpants suggest to me a struggle as he was stripped... but exactly how and why are still open to interpret).

    2. Good to see you are still active. I like the new drawing.

  25. I would love to be that guy on the receiving end!!!

  26. I think she caught him masturbating and since he had just cum, this was indeed very painful and unpleasant.

    1. @Anonymous
      Ouch! If she was really mean, maybe he wasn't finished when she caught him... but she made him "finish up" before she spanked him? :(

  27. was wondering if he s getting such a hard brushing he may wriggle kick and squirm? and due to all the movement may cum on her lap! would she then cane him hard?

    1. @Paul
      Funny you should mention that! I've got a more lengthy fiction piece coming up that touches on your suggestion, actually... :)

  28. love y art work the genius in it is that most of the pics the boys being disiplined could be me even the tears seem real u get the reactions right

    1. @Paul
      Thanks, mate! I try really hard with faces/expressions/reactions/tears in my pics, so always thrilled to get such feedback! To me, it's something usually lacking in a lot of spanking art (and photos/videos in general). Even in a X/f shoot/film, I'm much rather see an emotional, reacting face than yet another anonymous bottom, to be honest (shhh!).

  29. I have been in this position many times. My wife uses the same straight back arm less chair and an old fashioned hairbrush. The reason she is giving a good dose of the hairbrush is for breaking curfew. I also have a curfew and receive the same bare bottom spanking shown. They really hurt and I always end up bawling like a little boy. Great drawing and glad I am not the only one who get treated this way. Robin

  30. The ages of the spanker and spankee are close enough here for me to imagine this as a domestic scene, perhaps the young lady giving her boyfriend his first ever taste of the hairbrush... and determined to make sure this is a prolonged and memorable meal.

  31. It seems that they are in the kitchen. As a houseguest she asked him several times to clean up after himself. Since he is a tough know-it-all teenager she is left with no choice but to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. She left the kitchen and he thought he won the battle, but she only went to the bedroom to get her hairbrush. Boy was he surprised when she came back into the kitchen, pulled out a chair, bared his bottom and put him over her knee. At first she just had him over both legs, but as the spanking got worse he bucked like a bronco. She stopped momentarily to wrap her leg over his legs and resumed the spanking leaving him a balling mess. After a few minutes facing the wall she gave him time to clean up. When she returned the place was spotless. He learned his lesson and had to sleep on his stomach that night.

  32. Hello Banjo. I see that this site is very old but I hope it is also current.
    I am a fully grown up boarding school boy and have had many bbs and otk experience which I remember so warmly and also miss
    I like this site and I'd lobe to hear from anyone who still finds pleasure here