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Friday, 2 September 2011

Please participate!

This site exists because I want to share my imagination and creations with you, so please take a moment to leave a thought, share an opinion, or start a discussion via the comments section under the items I post.

There are several ways to be a part of this site:

Leave a comment
Leaving a comment is easy:
Just look for the  icon to find the comment link or text box.

What should you say? Whatever you want! Give your thoughts on what I post, how you feel about an artwork or story, your opinion on an article or even discuss the comments of others who've given their thoughts before you.

I personally started out online as a 'lurker' (someone who frequents a site but never posts/interacts), and reverted to being one again during my 'online retirement' period. Trust me when I say that taking part is so much more fun and rewarding! There's no shame in staying 'silent' here, but if you're enjoying yourself, please do consider "de-lurking" and saying "hi"!

Feedback really is the best way you can say "thank you" to any artist or writer!

Click a reaction
Each post features the following 'reaction' checkboxes:

If you don't have time to write something, or just want to give a concise opinion as well as a comment, click on one (or more!) of these to make your opinion known. Choose from 'Hot!' (you find the item sexy), 'Ouch!' (that looks/sounds painful!), 'Scary' (that looks/sounds scary!), 'Funny' (you find it amusing), 'Like' (you like the item or agree with an article) or 'Dislike' (you don't like the item or disagree with an article).

None of these can replace an interesting comment, however!

Vote in the polls
I love polls, particularly spanking polls!

They're are a great way to give an idea of your opinions and background while remaining anonymous. There are several polls at the bottom of the blog site here, and others will be posted semi-regularly (just click the 'Polls' tab to sort them from the other posts).

If just choosing an option isn't enough for you, each poll post lets you comment too, so you can add clarifications or justification for your choice(s).

Send an email
I love getting emails and making new friends. If you want to say something that you feel is too long (or too "personal" for the blog's comment system, always feel free to drop me an email at banjosbbs@hotmail.com and I'll reply as quickly as I can.

If you don't get a reply, this almost always just means I'm super busy, and I will get back to you... I'll never ignore a nice email message!

Make a donation
Unlike traditional "pen and paper" art, computer-rendered artwork carries a real financial cost for 3D models and software. If you enjoy this site my work, you can always consider making a small donation to help me continue... or just buy me drink to say "cheers".

Please don't feel obligated, but every little bit does help!

Be nice
The Number One rule here, and the only one that will be 'enforced'.

Firstly, please respect my copyrights. I thought long and hard about returning online, and originally it was to have been a commercial site. In the end, though, I decided to display my work here for free, for everyone to enjoy. In return, I ask that you kindly don't remove my name from my work, attempt to charge money for it, or re-post whole "siterips" elsewhere.

Secondly, please be nice to each other when commenting and interacting around the site. Manners cost nothing, and the relative anonymity of the internet should not be an excuse to treat others poorly.


  1. Hi Banjo,
    Let me the first to welcome you to the world of blogging. Looks good so far and I can't wait to see more!



  2. It is great you are back. You took me under your wing long ago when I started using Yahoo groups. You are kind and understanding to people, and your request that people here be nice is typical of you. Your friends like Colin also are like that. I hope you are doing well and keep doing well. I will ty to keep up and make comments when I can. Thank you.

  3. Aww, thanks! Drop me an email sometime now I'm "back", Gradeone... I've missed ya. :)

  4. Here's hoping that your artwork ladies with the hairbrushes will be nice, too... but somehow I doubt that! Colin

  5. Hi Banjo. Glad to see you again. I had a wonderful time in your old yahoo groups. I hope to see some newer work from you.



  6. i had to leave a message if my most dreaded implement wasn't on the list in the poll-section, so here it is... the dreaded ferula, a rubber implement used since the roman time.

    Great to have you back Banjo.


  7. @Gerard
    I looked up the ferula... yikes! My bottom hurts just reading about it! I'm guessing the experience is somewhere between a cane and a switch? Of course, I've never felt one, and don't know if I'd want to... ouchies! But I couldn't help but have "thrashed by a Roman Slavemistress" type fantasies about it, too... ;)

  8. It's rubber is heavy and bruises quickly, well at least it does by me lol. The holes in it give a special effect as well.. Though i haven't much the cane, it's heavier then a paddle and a bit less biting then a cane i think. Wow, i love those pics of that Roman Lady with a stern look and sadistic smile. Would love to have Her use the ferula on me, lol.

  9. Great to see you back again ! Your the reason i began to learn poser........

  10. Banjo: Just wanted to say I'm pleased your back in the game. Your work, figuratively speaking, singes my eyebrows off. Take care, and thanks for your generous spirit, and willingness to share your work...Josh..Tennessee, USA.

  11. How about a flashback to the young man who stood up from a spanking to reveal he'd left a deposit on his mother's jeans? I used to hope that would happen to me, but it never did. It was nice to see the fantasy realized by your inimitable art.

  12. @Anonymous (previous comment) I remember the piece you're talking about and will make it the next Flashback I do, promise! :)

  13. Hi BJ loved your stuff for years! keep it going

  14. Welcome back. Love your art work and the way your mind works, especially as it pertains to F/m.


  15. Hi there Banjo . . . I swapped emails, years ago, with you (I think I was under another screen name at the time). I've always loved your work, and so glad to see that you are back.

    and if I might suggest a down-under topic which leaps right from the headlines to the pants down fiery redhead administers a well deserved thrashing to an impudent schoolboy, there's a sterling example right under your nose.

    Yes, your lovely Prime Minister, Ms. Gillard, and the impudent Mr. Kevin . . . pants down and "Ruddy" red with the marks of his chastisement. Taken down a peg, and left bawling . . . don't mess with a redhead, that's all I can say

  16. Hi Banjo great site. Love the user friendly setup. I have a question about a story called "Jason an Obedient Son" that is posted at a couple of story sites. Do you know who wrote it and if they ever continued the story or if there are other stories by the same author. I have some ideas to continue the story and was wondering about the author. Cool Sardax story, congratulations!

  17. Just found your "The First Spank Lands" on another site. The woman is beautiful, and she seems to be both happy to be helping her miscreant to better behavior, and also sensitive to how hard it may be for him to absorb her help. But the reproduction I found is a bit dim. Perhaps you can post it on this blog. And thanks for all your work!

  18. Hi Banjo. I've been a fan for quite a while and thought it was time to post some feedback. I love your artwork and am particularly drawn to your handspanking pieces. I am not one of those who underestimates a woman's hand as an instrument of correction, and to me it's much more personal and intimate. The hand was probably the first thing most of us ever were spanked with.

  19. Hey Banjo. Thanks for the great site. It's great to hear that you have lots of new stuff already planned. I am sure the website takes a lot of work beyond creating the great content you provide; we all appreciate the time and effort you put in.
    - Brenli

  20. Hello Banjo...Your drawings are excellent. All I can say is Thank You, and Keep on Truckin, as they said in the ole days...Mr. Anonymous.