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The name's Banjo, a guy from Australia, for whom the F/m spanking kink has been a passion for as long as I can remember.

Here on this site, you'll find my amateur attempts to create spanking artwork, as well as the occasional short story, article, review, fantasy, or just general rambling on the subject at hand... that is, take-charge women spanking men until their bottoms glow cherry red!

Vital Statistics

Gender: male
Age: forty-something
Sexual Orientation: straight
Location: Australia
Status: single

Spanko Statistics

Preferred Role: spankee
Favourite Genre: F/m
Favourite Position: over-the-knee
Favourite Implement: hairbrush (not!)
Crier?: yes

Contact Details

Email: banjosbbs@hotmail.com

Please Participate!

This site exists because I want to share my imagination and creations with you, so please take a moment to leave a thought, share an opinion, or start a discussion via the comments section under the items I post.

For various ways to have fun here (and show your support), see here.

To make suggestions on how to improve this site, click here.

Banjo's Backstory

Around the year 2000 (remember when that sounded 'futuristic'?), I got online and after a few months of discovering the world of internet spanking (mostly via clubs and groups at places like Yahoo!, MSN and Excite (telling because only one still even exists!), I decided I wanted to give something back.

Although I'm a writer by trade, my first works were on a small Yahoo Group (then a Yahoo! Club) about celebrity spanking fantasies, where I created my first 'fakes' and a few short stories. When the group was abandoned by its owner, I created my own version and continued to run it. Later I branched into writing spanking fan fiction and fantasy stories.

Months later, having explored many sites and groups, I realized that while I had indeed found some artists who's work I was very fond of, for the most part very little F/m spanking art delivered what *I* really wanted to see myself (though at the time I had trouble even putting into words what that was!). So, I made a decision that rather than complain about this, I would create my ideas and fantasies in art-form. The only problem? Completely lacking any drawing skills whatsoever!

You can imagine that I was overjoyed to discover the computer program 'Poser', which I set about spending six months or so teaching myself to use. Combined with my prior knowledge of Photoshop and other image editing software, and my 'real life' experience of photography and film-making, I began putting together the crudities that I would eventually come to call "my art".

Though originally intended only for my own enjoyment, I tentatively risked showing a couple of my early pictures them to a couple of well-known spankos online, who - to my surprise - not only liked them but greatly encouraged me to post them publicly. When I did, the response was far more positive and exciting that I'd even dreamed. So, I hesitantly created my own Yahoo Group called "Banjo's BBS"... BBS standing for "bare bottom spankings", of course.

I begun posting my art there, based both on my own fantasies and ideas, and the requests and suggestions of others As the group's popularity grew, demand came and was met to branch into smaller 'offshoot' groups, but my main attention was always on my art group.

However, this 'golden age' wasn't to last long. Soon came unexplained and unwarned deletions of my groups and accounts, along with a growing apparent disinterest - or at least, a decline in posting - from the general public (though many loyal friends and group members continued to support my efforts).

I also grew tired of watching friends get their own accounts deleted for 'adult content' (few still seem to recognize how much 'porn' drives technological progress!), of seeing fellow artists and spankos flame and fight with one another over trivial matters, and - most of all - having my own art reposted on other sites (sometimes even charged money for!) with my name and credit removed from it.

I'd started all this about the same time I'd started university, but now I was in the 'real world'... and 'real life' was taking most of my free time. Couple that with the fact that my bills for creating my art was starting to climb into the thousands (while a few CG models are free, most cost money to buy), and that my computer was getting vastly outdated, making rendered spanking art was simply no longer a viable hobby to maintain.

Feeling burnt out, I decided to 'retire'... not just from making art, but from the online 'spanking scene' altogether. Life had moved on; I was working full time with good pay but little spare time for either hobby art or an online social life. The "college years" were well and truly over.

Banjo's Return

Why am I back, and why on Blogger?

I had a health scare at the start of 2011. Turned out to be nothing major, but at the time it was enough to have me seriously re-examining life.

I'd done a few art pieces in the years since I 'retired', but these had remained unposted to the public, and were really only for my own amusement. Sometimes I thought about putting together these and a whole bunch of new works and making a "member's site" that not only hopefully covered my costs, but might let me spend more time making spanking stuff and less working nine-to-five. It never happened, of course. I know very little about website hosting and what it would entail, and the added burden of being an 'adult fetish' site made any attempt to find a suitable host difficult.

But this year, after my scare, I dipped a foot back online, and was seriously surprised to find tat some folks in "the scene" actually remembered me! They STILL remembered my art and groups and stories and such! Chatting with them, I realised how much I'd missed my "online life". After some thought, I decided it was time to "un-retire", at least to see how things go.

I picked Blogger because it was easy to work with. I know folks who have sites here already. I can post at my own pace, and not feel 'pressured' to update (as I would if I was charging money for my stuff). And most importantly, it was designed so that people could leave feedback, which is perhaps what I missed most of all.

So yeah, I'm back, for those who knew and maybe even 'missed' me (yeah, right!).

And for those who don't know me, well, I hope we become friends through this little rebirth project of mine, as I ramble and enjoy this funny kink of mine that's such a huge part of who I am.


Yeah, that's great... but why 'Banjo'?!

For those wondering, the name 'Banjo' was the assigned 'pen-name' given to me when I joined the (now-defunct) Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society International, a literary society for F/m spanking fiction. I liked it, and - when struck by the dilemma of what to use as a 'handle' when I first went online a few months later - kept it.

All text and images (unless otherwise accredited) - notably original artwork, stories and articles - are copyright (c) Banjo 2012. All rights reserved.

No original content from this website or blog may be reposted, redistributed (by electronic or other means) or otherwise made available elsewhere without written permission from the artist/author. In particularly, it is forbidden to edit in any way the original art and text that appears on this website, in the form of alteration or the removal of credit/copyright notice.

Any images or content not created specifically for this website remain the property of their original copyright owners, and no attempt is made to challenge that authority. Any copyright holders who feel their intellectual property is being misused or credited should contact the site owner to arrange to have said content properly accredited or immediately removed.

Images and text relating to celebrities that appear on this website is intended as fair use parody only, and is not intended to suggest anything about the real person involved.

This site does not condone the abuse of children. While "ageplay" is sometimes part of an adult fantasy, real-life spankings should only ever be given between consenting adults, and nothing on this site is intended to suggest otherwise. No indecent photographs of actual minors will ever be posted, linked to, or tolerated here.

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